Bonus Doll Clothes (Several Options)

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These are all bonus outfits for the 20cm dolls (except #7, the cooky onesie)! I will be labelling them with numbers to make things as easy to navigate as possible, & while some are specifically for certain members there are a lot that I think are more generic for any doll to wear~


  1. bunny robe
  2. military outfit: shirt, jacket, pants, tie, hat
  3. minions costume: jacket, overalls
  4. minions costume: jacket, overalls
  5. jimin go-go outfit: hoodie, shirt, pants
  6. monii shirt & pants
  7. cooky onesie (13cm for tiny kook doll)
  8. army zip outfit: jacket, cape, pants
  9. tiger onesie
  10. red hwarang outfit: headbands, shirt, pants
  11. jimin outfit: jacket, shirt, pants
  12. jimin outfit: shirt, pants
  13. kitty costume: hoodie, pants with tail
  14. jimin pajamas: shirt, pants
  15. jacket, shirt, pants
  16. jimin outfit: shirt, pants
  17. yellow hoodie
  18. checkered shirt
  19. red longsleeve shirt
  20. overalls
  21. army vest
  22. jeans with belt
  23. jersey
  24. denim jacket
  25. kitty face mask
  26. chick sleep mask
  27. flower chick sleep mask
  28. manggaetteok hat
  29. chick underwear
  30. bunny tail underwear