Making An Ita Bag Insert

If you're looking to protect your Ita Bag's lining or just want an easy way to change out your pins, then having an insert is probably the best way to go.

What You'll Need

  • Craft Foam - large enough to fit your bag, we're using 12"x18"
  • Tacky Spray - we used Aleene's Original All-Purpose from Michaels
  • Fabric of your choice

Making the Insert

  1. Using your bag, trace the shape and size of your insert on the foam with a pen or marker. You may have to trim the foam down as you go. Once you're happy with the template, cut it out. 
  2. Lay your template on top of your fabric and cut, leaving a few inches extra on each edge.
  3. Now it's time to glue. PLEASE be sure that you do this in a well-ventilated area, not inside like I did. (Do as I say not as I do, this stuff is super strong.) Make sure that you're doing this ON TOP of something you won't mind getting glue on. We did ours on top of spare cardboard. Lay the fabric on top of your foam template, if your fabric has a pattern, arrange it however you want. Lift up half the fabric and spray the foam, immediately placing the foam back down, starting at the center and smoothing it down until you reach the edge. Repeat for other half. 
  4. Trim the excess fabric along the edge of the foam. If you have a fabric that frays badly, you can use a fray sealer or fold about an inch of excess along the edges behind the foam, and glue it down. 
  5. Place your pins and put it in your bag!