'Married to the Music' LE Halloween Pins

  • €10,95

Only 6 left!

It's time once again for me to do a Limited Edition pin series for Halloween, and I've known since I finished last year's that this time would have to be my favorite 5HINee comeback! I've spent a lot of time designing each of these pins to be special and unique, they all offer something different and work extremely well as a set~ 

  • Key: 50mm, gold plating, sliding pin (his head slides on the knife)
  • Jonghyun: 45mm, black nickel plating, moving pin (arm moves to reveal he's missing a mouth), 2 blue gems in the eyeballs
  • Onew: 40mm + 30mm, black nickel plating, 2 pin set connected by a chain
  • Minho: 45mm, gold plating, translucent enamel in the flames
  • Taemin: 40mm, black nickel plating, skin glows in the dark

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