Ita Bag Upkeep

While we've tried to make sure that these bags are well-made and built to last, they definitely aren't indestructible. Here's a few tips to keep your Ita Bag in good shape!

  • Don't be overly rough with your bag!
    • They're made with vegan leather, so they aren't as strong as a real leather bag. Keep that in mind and try to avoid carrying too much weight and/or throwing your bag around so it doesn't wear down over time.
  • Be gentle with your zipper!
    • The fuse on our Army Ita Bag's zipper pull is quite thin, so being too rough with the zipper could cause it to break with constant rough treatment.
  • Watch your lining!
    • Remember that the lining (where you place your pins) doubles as the separator between the two pockets. If you would rather not puncture it or are worried about the weight of your pins, consider making a bag insert for your bag.